Thoughts On Deciding Upon Key Aspects For Pregnancy

Transportation security and law enforcement experts say the baggage claim area remains one of the most vulnerable parts of the airport. Security is lighter and large numbers of people move in and out quickly. "What went wrong yesterday ... is that baggage claim is the softest of soft targets. I mean an elementary school is harder to get into than a baggage claim at an airport," said Chris Grollnek, a former law enforcement officer who specializes in security issues, especially involving active shooter situations. Indeed, he notes, it's more difficult to get out of the baggage claim area where at least a minimal security presence screens people leaving to make sure they haven't taken someone else's luggage than it is to enter the area. After virtually every terror attack or attempted attack, authorities have issued new restrictions: requiring passengers to remove their shoes to expose any explosive material and limiting the amount of liquid in carry-on bags. But experts say the public areas of an airport remain vulnerable, because the focus of security is devoted to screening passengers to keep their flights safe. Just in the past year suicide bombers targeted ticket and terminal areas in Brussels and Istanbul, Turkey. The only way to prevent such attacks, Grollnek and other experts said, is to ensure the wrong people don't get guns and to encourage the general public to alert authorities if they believe a friend or family member is acting erratically.

- Canceling the Affordable Care Act - as Republicans promise to do when Donald Trump becomes president - will make women lose popular benefits like birth control coverage and maternity care that the law guarantees, a group of Democrats and pro-choice groups said Thursday. They promised to do all in their power to resist the law's repeal as well as House Speaker Paul Ryan's pledge to block Planned Parenthood from getting federal funds. Obamacare repeal efforts off to quick start "You have awakened a sleeping giant," said NARAL Pro-Choice America Preisdent Ilyse Hogue. "We are a standing army ready to fight ACA repeal." Ryan and his fellow Republicans say the law should be scrapped because it caused insurance premium and deductible increases that hurt consumers. In a Thursday press conference, Ryan said the law hasn't worked, plans are pulling out and "it is in what the actuaries call a death spiral. "Democrats, for ideological reasons, are trying to save their failing law which was an ideological pursuit," said Ryan. "It's nothing but a string of broken promises. Remember? If you like your plan, you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep it. It's going to lower costs." A GOP #ACA repeal will #MakeAmericaSickAgain by taking health care away from millions of Americans & increasing costs for millions more.

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