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Taribo West They remain safe places for many young people to play the game. Other open spaces are often claimed by so-called "Area Boys", unruly gangs who often demand a fee for people to play there. Super Eagles striker Jonathan Akpoborie, who made his name in Germany's Bundesliga in the 1990s, also honed his skills here. "This is actually the home of football in Nigeria," Akpoborie tells me, adding that the game is seen by many youngsters as a route to a better life. "I don't want to downgrade the area by attributing the success of footballers to poverty but there's just nothing to do for the kids. "They spend most of their time here playing football and in so doing they develop themselves and naturally become gifted footballers. "In one national team there's always one player who originated from Ajegunle. "It's exactly how I started - the grown-ups play first, we watch them play, then eventually we get in the field. They were inspirational to us." Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nigerian forward Jonathan Akpoborie made his name in Germany in the 1990s The slum also has an established system of grassroots football, which encourages talented youngsters to play competitive football for local clubs at an early age. This often gives them an edge over players at competing academies across the country.