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The taxpayers fund the shelter so I try in any way to keep the costs down, he said. The Carbon County Animal Shelter has been operating for over 20 years with each county municipality contributing tax money. The Weatherly mayor became the director of the shelter three years ago and felt at home almost immediately. I fell in love with the dogs. I feel comfortable handling them, he said. Part of his job is to work closely with police enforcement when a dog is found at the scene of a call. Im happy to help the police force. Sometimes they encounter an aggressive dog or a dog acting aggressively in a situation and its important to keep everyone safe. Connors said the biggest expense of the shelter is the administrative costs such as utilities, maintenance and employees. We get all our food and supplies donated thanks to the good people of the county who support us. During February, the shelter offers a reduced adoption fee of $50 versus the usual $100. The director said the reduced fee has led to 10 adoptions in the short month compared with two in January. We currently only have seven dogs under our care.

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And unlike English or Hindi, it is not written. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Sign language has evolved in India in the past century So, while it works for inter-personal communication, the wider lack of knowledge of sign language means that deaf people have to become proficient in languages they have never heard or spoken. Islam Ul Haq, a master trainer in sign language, has been deaf from birth and does not speak. "When we don't hear or speak a language, we don't understand its grammar and syntax. For us communicating ideas is enough," he told the BBC through an interpreter. For example, to say "this food is good", the signs required are only for "food" and "good", but if this were to be communicated in spoken or written English, one would need to know that "food" is a noun and "good" is an adjective, not to mention the role of "this" and "is" in a sentence. The dictionary aims to help in developing this "bilingualism" and grammar. Variations British and American sign language dictionaries are an important reference point for the dictionary, but signs used by deaf people in India are very different because of their เสื้อผ้าเด็กอ่อน cultural, geographical and historical context. Simple signs that are used to denote common terms such as "marriage" or "tea" are not the same world over.

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