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Unfortunately, you also see that it backfires and with Dorit, it immediately makes her suspicious of me when my motivations were to quickly resolve things so we could go on with our friendship. You dont even really get to see the extent of this on camera, but I really liked her a lot upon meeting her. I say this at the beginning of our uncomfortable conversation กระเป๋าสตางค์ ราคาถูก in the last episode that aired. I ask Davidson what her husband Vince thinks of the drama and the baiting that goes on between the ladies and note that some fans have said that Vince is more of a stereotypical machismo male character who doesnt want to get bogged down by the terribly fraught, nuanced and highly dramatic female interactions. Eileen says this isnt so. Vinny and I have that dynamic where we always bounce things off each other and discuss things. The thing that we both do that we both get annoyed by! - is play devils advocate. She says that in this instance (last episode) she set Vinny straight on exactly what was going down. One would think that a woman who acts on a soap opera would want to put the script away at the end of the day and take a breather, but Eileen has her fair share of drama when filming RHOBH and asserts that there are more twists and turns than she ever could have imagined. She chose to do the show because she wanted to convey that despite being an actor, she wasnt a diva. She does show viewers that shes a down to earth person in real life, but admits to never expecting some of the convoluted directions that Housewives misunderstandings take, that she thought somehow she would have avoided being subjected to the drama and resulting scrutiny. Evidence of her realness includes how she was wearing two different earrings during a discussion with Vince.

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Or, when she found her local convenience store had no loo paper, why she didn't purchase the ubiquitous tissue packets for temporary use. "So, where did she get her toilet paper BEFORE she moved into the government house?" asked another online commentator. Image caption There are more than 900 7-11 convenience stores in Hong Kong, many selling toilet paper and all selling tissues Image caption Many online commenters felt that a packet of these might have done the trick A few hours before the taxi trip, the former chief secretary had moved out of her government-assigned quarters to live as a civilian, as part of plans to contest the chief executive election in March. "A lot has happened in my life in the last few days," she told reporters. "I have to keep adapting to the changes, and to keep learning." Mrs Lam, who comes from a working-class background, became a civil servant in 1980 before rising to the chief secretary position, which came with many perks including housing and chauffeured cars. After so many years as a sheltered civil servant, some wonder if she is too out of touch to run a city of seven million people. "Loo paper-gate", as it is being called online, was not Mrs Lam's first gaffe. She was criticised last week for appearing not to know how to pass through a turnstile at a Hong Kong subway station. The station is part of a network that carries nearly five million passengers every day. Television footage shows her pausing at the จำหน่าย กระเป๋าเป้ pantip turnstile, before an assistant tells her to walk through.